Relationship Workshop


About this Event

Making more space for the feminine requires both men and women to embrace it. No. Feminism and women’s empowerment are not solely the job of women. It’s our combined effort to change something substantial in the way men and women relate to each other. We need to start talking about the topics we don’t talk about. Yes, women need to find out what they want and learn how to speak up for it. But successful communication requires a sender and a receiver. We all need to learn how to communicate – how to talk and how to listen.

The meetup is hosted by Katharina and Stephen, they both work as coaches especially focusing on mindful relationship and sexuality, desire and pleasure.

They are using their own relationship as means to become more aware and grow for almost 5 years now. They both love experiments and play and creating experiences for other people.


If you want to hear more contact Katharina Horvath at: 0176-31348156