Another coworking,
just better

Opening August 2019! 

Freelancers and startup teams deserve a cool and affordable office space

Why pay 350€ for a desk in a coworking space when you just need an inspiring place where to get your stuff done?! Our coworking space has awesome WiFi and vibes – just what you need. Check it out, it could be yours. If you like it, get on the waiting list.

Westermühlstraße, München

Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM



piggy-bank (2)

Yes, we’re cheap

We keep prices as low as possible. Water is on us. (You can bring your own food&drinks). 70 euros/month, isn’t this cheap?

contrast (3)

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Yes, it is a bar at night! And a perfect office during the day.

animal-kingdom (3)

No bullshit

Sorry, no barista coffee, no printers or fancy meeting rooms. 

We have plenty of partners to help you out with that!

Waitlist me!
AKA let us know IF you are intErested in joining