That Friday Feeling - Networking breakfast

8:30AM - 9:30AM
@TWOSTAY X Holzkranich


You know that feeling we get on Fridays: the feeling that something is about to change. It’s the end of the week, let’s end it with a bam! Let’s use that burning sensation and positive energy to focus it on our business and our careers.
Join me for our end of the week networking breakfast with a warm cup of coffee and yummy nibbles.

Who this is for:
You are a woman, an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, you are thinking to create a start-up, you’re a freelancer. This is your community to meet like-minded people who care about advancing in their careers, improve their leadership skills, exchange ideas about business and just love to have a good time and a good laugh. This is your opportunity to get connected, focused, learn and advance.

At the end of the event I’ll give away 2 hours of coaching with me to 3 lucky participants!

How it works:
8:30 Begin, introductions (tell us in 1 minute what you do, what you want to improve or learn and how we can help – and here’s a challenge for you: no jargon allowed, use simple English).
9:00 Networking, conversations with the people you want to connect with.
9:30 Official end. You are welcome to stay longer to chat with your new connections or get some work done at this beautiful co-working space.

Your host: Maribel Ortega
Maribel is a passionate coaching professional with years of experience helping leaders be effective and teams become highly cohesive and successful. She is also a public speaker whose purpose is to inspire professionals to lead the life they desire and achieve their personal goals. Visit her website
You can also find her on social media and

If you have a recurrent ticket at Twostay coworking, this event is free – ask your Space Captain for a discount code. 




Du kennst das Gefühl am Freitag: das Gefühl, dass sich etwas ändern wird. Es ist das Ende der Woche, lasst es uns mit einem BAM beenden! Lasst uns dieses feurige Gefühl und die positive Energie nutzen, um uns auf unser Business und die Karriere zu konzentrieren.
Komm zum Networking-Frühstück am Ende der Woche mit einer heißen Tasse Kaffee und leckeren Häppchen.Wer sollte teilnehmen:
Du bist eine Frau, Du bist Unternehmer*in, Angestellte*r, Du möchtest ein Start-up gründen, Du bist Freiberufler*in. Dies ist Deine Community, um Gleichgesinnte zu treffen, denen es am Herzen liegt, Karriere zu machen, ihre Führungsqualitäten zu verbessern, Geschäftsideen auszutauschen und einfach eine gute Zeit zu haben und herzlich zu Lachen. Dies ist Deine Gelegenheit, Dich zu vernetzen, zu konzentrieren, zu lernen und voranzukommen.Bonus:
Am Ende der Veranstaltung vergebe ich an 3 glückliche Teilnehmer*innen 2 Stunden Coaching!