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TWOSTAY STORY: Inge Van Ginderachter – Graphic Designer

Hi, What’s your name? Inge Van Ginderachter What do you do for living? I’m a freelance graphic designer. I work on both digital and analog projects. For example website design, branding for smaller and bigger companies as well as editorial design (magazines). What is your background? Were you doing something different before? I studied graphic design and cultural management. After that, I […]

How to deal with haters in 4 steps

I like opinions, I have many of them every day and, usually, I express them. Who knows me well will tell you how much I can’t stand people who don’t have their viewpoint or they can’t say them aloud. Nevertheless, all these opinions have something in common: they are told to people who care about […]

Another “how I founded my company” story. But a real one.

I heard good founders should write blog posts with all their best insights, it helps the SEO of your website, it is great content marketing and it allows you to engage with your users. Here I am trying this too. Unfortunately, I don’t have big tips on blockchain or AI but I do have a […]
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